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Legislation & Fact Sheets

The legislation that sets the framework for the operation of bodies corporate is the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (the Act). The Act applies to all bodies corporate, however to account for variations between schemes, bodies corporate are further classified into one of 5 regulation modules, as shown below.

The regulation module applicable to each scheme is shown on the community management statement (CMS) for that scheme. The modules are named (small schemes, commercial etc) as an indication of the type of schemes to which they apply, however the CMS must be referenced, as not all commercial properties come under the commercial module.

The regulation module that applies to the scheme contains much of the legislative detail, for example how the body corporate may make decisions.

Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management

The Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management is a branch of the Department of Justice and Attorney General, responsible for the overseeing of body corporate matters.

The Commissioner’s Office also provides an adjudication service with broad jurisdiction over body corporate matters. Some body corporate matters, including debt disputes and appeals against decisions of the adjudicator are dealt with by the Queensland court system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Body Corporate Inspections

Inspection report turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time is 5-7 working days and urgent requests can be arranged within 3 business day for an additional charge.

What areas do we search?

Our company searches the Brisbane, Redcliffe & Gold Coast areas, if you require an Inspection outside these areas we may still be able to assist you as some Body Corporate Manager have their records available online to search or we can direct you to another Search Agent that can help you.  Please request a search via our Online Request Form or email us directly.

Financial Information

Company credit terms

Our customer terms are currently 14 days from invoice date.  A monthly statement will be provided if your account exceeds our payment terms, if you are having trouble paying please contact us as soon as possible to make payment arrangements

Preferred payment method?

Our preferred method of payment is direct deposit with the invoice number as reference, we also accept payment via cheque payable to “Westside Outsourcing Pty Ltd” with a copy of the tear off slip from the bottom of the invoice showing the invoice reference information.

The bank account details can be found on the bottom of each invoice that we provide with every Inspection of Records, Disclosure Statement  &/or Other Service.  If your invoice has been misplaced we can provide a copy via email at anytime, please contact us at

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